Photo shoot with the Profoto Widezoom

Sometimes you don’t need much. Today was such a day.
I always wanted to try something that my colleague and good friend Pavel Maira taught me.
This is a very “now”-look and I like the simplicity of it. What you do is put a strobe with a wide zoom reflector pretty far away from the subject so that you fill the entire space with light. Also it helps for definition if you put it a bit higher than the model and aim it downwards. In my case we have really awesome equipment from Profoto in our studio Fotostudion and our wide zoom looks like this:  Profoto Widezoom Reflector

Profoto Widezoom And here’s a lighting diagram: Lighting diagram with Profoto Widezoom

Lighting Diagram Final pictures straight out of camera: Model: Kristina Knippenberg Kristina Knippenberg by Richard Frantzen

Promo photos for Robin Bengtsson

Had the opportunity to shoot the talented and handsome Robin Bengtsson a couple of months ago. Here’s some pictures from that session. Also he’s releasing his new single “Fired” on the 27th of January.

Robin Bengtsson av Richard Frantzen

Robin Bengtsson av Richard Frantzen