Photo shoot with the Profoto Widezoom

Sometimes you don’t need much. Today was such a day.
I always wanted to try something that my colleague and good friend Pavel Maira taught me.
This is a very “now”-look and I like the simplicity of it. What you do is put a strobe with a wide zoom reflector pretty far away from the subject so that you fill the entire space with light. Also it helps for definition if you put it a bit higher than the model and aim it downwards. In my case we have really awesome equipment from Profoto in our studio Fotostudion and our wide zoom looks like this:  Profoto Widezoom Reflector

Profoto Widezoom And here’s a lighting diagram: Lighting diagram with Profoto Widezoom

Lighting Diagram Final pictures straight out of camera: Model: Kristina Knippenberg Kristina Knippenberg by Richard Frantzen

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